Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Want to help test a game? Sign up here!

Warning: this post is a mess.


I am current working on an indie game and am almost ready to get some testing done. I am looking for anyone interested in helping test out a new game, made in Unreal Engine 4, to look for bugs, as well as give feedback on game and map design.

Here are the details of the game:

* 3D puzzle game
* as the name "aMAZEing" suggests, it involves solving mazes
* styled in an abstract world with many mysteries to solve
* 10 levels will progress into a story, about an evil threatening the world
* the game will be filled with secret achievements, easter eggs, and other challenges for those who want to think outside the box.

If any of these interest you, then please consider signing up for the closed beta! I am only opening the closed beta to a few people, so if you don't get a chance, I will be releasing a free demo on after this beta testing ends, as well as the full game for a small price once complete.

If you are accepted for testing, you will receive the full game for free, as long as you send feedback when I request it for the beta.

Acceptances will be on a personal, and first-come-first-serve basis.


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