Sunday, February 5, 2023

I've had it with Google.

I'm here writing about Google at 6:30 AM because of some of the most mundane things that Google has designed in their apps and products. Tonight all I wanted to do was restore a purchase from one Google account on an app on my phone. But NO, here let's play lottery to select which account is the main account, said Google Play. Remove that account Play wants to use, and suddenly it's all fine! But re-add it and now Play wants to use that account again??????

Oh and this is brilliant: the only solution to this is deleting and re-adding all accounts. Yeah ok I'd like to see Google remove and re-add all their search indexing in order to select a new algorithm for their searching. Let me know how that goes (and the 2,000 other people who want to be able to select their stupid account for inapp purchases).

While we're on the Play store, let me tell you about Wear OS 3 and the latest Wear play store update. In the past, the only way to add apps into Android watches was by installing a companion app on the phone, and then waiting for it to sync. Then in Wear OS 2, they added the play store, with an amazing button "apps on phone" which would let you install apps already installed on the phone. Yeah well in Wear OS 3 now the app syncing and the "apps on phone" feature are removed... There's also no library of already owned apps on the watch either- the only ways to install an app on a watch is either search it in the Play store on a phone and in the search results select the watch (no not in the app page itself, because that would be too intuitive to do), or use the absolutely horrendous Play web interface (todo: rant about Google's UI changes), or search for the app on the watch directly.

On the subject of Wear OS: it's always been a mess pretty much. The Wear OS app is next to useless in terms of configuration, and it's all designed for watches made 7 years ago with no speakers or wifi pretty much (though it's technically supported, apps pretend like it's not). Thank goodness Samsung stepped in and just made their own companion app for their Galaxy watches because with that app you can actually configure your watch without being on the watch itself. Though I'm not a fan of the OneUI style, and I'm not sure how much it's Samsung's fault, and how much is Google's, but apparently Wear OS watches only last one generation of the OS (my Fossil gen 5 was dead practically though), but don't worry because my (old LG) watch can't seem to detect itself being connected to my phone, despite it being connected (thank you Wear OS app).

Alright, this has gone on long enough. In time I'll make a part 2, but I just had to vent at how horrible this is, and I entirely blame Google, in their decisions and methodologies. This goes beyond them shutting down the slightest successful project, or unnecessarily merging two or more web programs into one mess, or the global UI changes (oh boy do I have a lot to complain about with the UI), or Youtube in its entirety (and the mess that is the Android TV homescreen, trust me it's related), or the disconnect between user feedback and customization with the company (as seen previously, and also in the lack of UI customization as I just stated). It's a mess, it's trash, it's a bunch of changes made too quickly and too irrationally, with no real justification and no real improvements seen (even UI changes, which could be argued as "intuitive", I argue as more annoying and wasteful. Maybe it's time to rethink UI/UX). Unfortunately I have about no choice but to keep using their products- for instance, to make this Blogger post (too bad they shut down Google+). I am progressively seeking to shift my ecosystems off of Google (Chrome, gmail, not quite drive because I'll admit the backup still is ok despite removing unlimited photos and there we go another item to add), but there's no way I can disconnect from the Play store (literally, it's a system app on my phone. It's also kind of important for all the other apps).

I don't want to see Android suffer and die by the hands of Google, but I don't want to see Google keep up with such dumb behavior in the future either, else I want them to suffer and learn from these decisions.

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