Saturday, September 2, 2023

LinkedIn Issues

Posted from a recent sort of rant about LinkedIn's issues

I made a job posting over for Quantonium. Apparently, 3 months ago, it was removed.

I only now noticed this is the case (doesn't matter, the posting just redirected to an actual site visit for more info). It's said that I would've received an email and had 72 hours to appeal the removal decision... Well I can't seem to find any such email anywhere, beneath the sea of the constant flow of LinkedIn emails I receive monthly. Maybe if I could switch emails depending on the notification type I would've seen it, but I see nothing of the sort in any inbox.

Now I want to contact support about this, ask where that email went and why exactly my posting was removed for "relevant and factual". For context, it was a general posting accepting any roles for project LT over the summer. Maybe the issue was I didn't specify it was online, but I was pretty clear about work time and payment being something to negotiate. In a field where job listings often do not accurately list the requirements and qualifications for the requested job (the whole "apply anyway even if you don't match what they're looking for" sentiment), I would think the job listing I posted would've been more clear and transparent, but I guess not?

After navigating a convoluted mess of links and generic help pages (in "contact us"), I couldn't find the button to submit a help request, to ask about the job post removal. Where'd the ticket submission go? Any help email? Everywhere I look I cannot find one way to be able to send a support ticket or email directly to LinkedIn to resolve this specific issue. (It seems this site was changed to prevent submitting tickets, despite "high volume of requests")

I did notice the site is advertising itself based on transparency- funny how it's not transparent how to contact someone about an issue. Interesting how transparently inaccurate the help pages are when they refer to steps that no longer work. (Searching online, it seems this issue has been around for a while now).

This site prides itself on professionalism, yet all I see is social media marketing sometimes with attention to formality. Don't let LinkedIn stop you from finding and communicating with people to make connections. But don't rely on it to carry your career further, because all I see is a website with a for-profit company looking to send sponsors into your private chats and promoting premium as if it'll instantly get you hired, meanwhile developing an unintuitive user interface and anti-user experience, while people seem to post for likes and views, without relevancy to themselves.

Report this if you will as it probably violates the site policy in some way or another, I'll be posting it on my private blog anyways ( If you dislike what I said and don't want to hire me, then I don't want to work with you- I believe transparency and pro-user experience are vital whether it's a job social media site, or a career opportunity.

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