Thursday, November 3, 2022

New initiative: using this blog as an actual blog

Hello! If this is your first time on, then welcome! In case you didn't know, I have had this blog since like 2014. It's mostly been automated messages from Twitter (where I would post livestreams and random messages) reposted here.

I doubt you'll remember this, but at once point I actually did begin treating this blog like a blog- I uploaded 3 total articles discussing my own thoughts and tips about various technology. You can view them, and other actual blog posts, over at this tab at the top of the page (blog posts). I said that I would begin making those sort of articles, but ended up not doing anything of the sort.

In fact, some might remember my old website homepage (old url defunct- don't click on anything with or in my blog anymore. Website has transitioned permanently to I ran a diy blog made entirely by myself with php, and well it ran and was interesting, but flawed and now no longer worth the effort to maintain (like 3 years ago). I still have those blog posts however, and I will upload them here if they aren't already here.

So you could probably guess that I have plans to bring back these sort of blogs. Chances are I'll probably end up not touching it (again, like how I have yet to make a 3rd tech how-to [I promise I'll make another one, I really want to do one on win11 customization after changing my laptop] or how I have yet to release the counterpart to my Overwatch no speech video, the video with only the speech and fully subtitled) but I like to imagine I guess.

But also I have a new advantage up my sleeve- video game development experience (non professional; please hire me though, contact info, resume, portfolio on There's some stuff I'd like to talk about regarding design patterns in video games, from what I have made and also experienced, and also other topics like interesting discussion regarding computer graphics, or other CS fields I'm less favorable about (ehem UI).

Frequency? Uh idk, just whenever something pops up. All these articles are to be provided for free, ad-free, and without any revenue. They will consist of my own thoughts, however if necessary I will search for sources to back up claims or otherwise revise what I previously said to stand corrected. I don't want this to be like the copy and paste articles you see when searching a specific Windows error. Do you have some perspective on some bug you had to fix yourself? Maybe you have some game you want to promote, or some interesting video you made. If so, maybe I'll talk about- reach out at to share your idea.

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